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Virtual Assessment


What is a Virtual Assessment?

A virtual assessment lets you use your cell phone to send us a few images of your smile along with completing a short questionnaire. This saves you a trip to the office and allows us to gather the information we need to recommend a treatment plan for you (or your child). 

At Sayre Orthodontics, we understand that taking the first step in your orthodontic treatment may feel intimidating. We are here to help make the process easy and enjoyable for patients and parents! We are pleased to offer complimentary consultations for children to outline your treatment options and the cost for your loved one’s dream smile.

EXPERT ASSESSMENT: Dr. Sayre is an experienced orthodontist, after gathering your photos and information he will treatment plan and evaluate your smile to determine the best course of action for your unique case.

HONEST ADVICE: Not sure which orthodontic treatment suits your needs? The Sayre Orthodontics team will go over all of your options and help you decide on the treatment tailored to your specific needs and fits your budget.

NO STRINGS ATTACHED: We understand that you want to collect as much information as possible before starting orthodontic treatment. You can rest assured that your first visit with us is no strings attached as you make your decision on your orthodontic office but know that we are ready when you are!


Ok, Let's Get Started!

1st – Start by clicking the link below to complete a short information form.

Virtual Assessment Information Form

2nd – Next click the link below and following the directions to take some photos with your cell phone so we can see your amazing smile!  Once we have BOTH the completed form and photos, we will gather the information for Dr. Sayre to diagnosis and treatment plan and then someone will contact you with a treatment plan and quote.

Click here to take your smile selfies


Please be patient with us because depending on when we get your information this could take up to 3 weeks and remember for the submission to be complete to us we need both the photos and the form completed.