Actual Patients


"Our Patients Say It Best"



 "We had a great experience at Sayre Orthodontics! The staff was helpful and friendly, and Dr. Sayre was wonderful and incredibly thorough! My daughter was all smiles while she was there and after she left! I would highly recommend Sayre Orthodontics." - Kathryn C.

"Sayre Orthodontics is a great group of dental professionals that have helped our daughter feel comfortable about her upcoming work. All the staff is super friendly and Dr. Sayre is so great with kids. We love this place!!" - Brooke F.

 "Dr. Sayre helped me tremendously by letting me continue treatment at his office after I moved across the country a few years ago. I was able to get very reasonable monthly payments as well. And I always looked forward to each visit! I just recently got my braces off and absolutely adore this office and staff. The gals there are the best for sure. I will always find opportunities to recommend Dr. Sayre and his team. :) " - Amanda R.

"Sayre Orthodontics has a very friendly and helpful staff and they did a great job with my braces. I highly recommend going to Sayre!" - Anna P.

"I met Dr. Sayre when I went in for my second round of braces. I had braces as a kid but as I aged my teeth became crooked. He straightened out my teeth and provided a good retainer so they don't shift again. Great Orthodontist, excellent support staff. I highly recommend Dr. Sayre." - John N.

"This is my second phase for braces and I have never had any problems. All the staff is very friendly and helpful! I am looking forward to having a beautiful smile! : )" - Sara P.

"Love them! I never had to wait at my appointments. They got me in and out in a flash. They helped me understand all they were doing while getting me to my beautiful smile. Thanks, Dr. Sayre." - Danielle F.

"Sayre Orthodontics is so wonderful. The people are always friendly and smiling. The financial end was very helpful. They gave us several payment options and went over everything a few times for us until we understood everything. They explained everything to my child before they did anything. He felt very comfortable with all the staff. If ever we have had a question, we call and they are more than willing to help. NO COMPLAINTS!" - Caden C.


"We are new to Sayre Orthodontics after moving cross country. We were greeted so warmly and made to feel at home. I feel so comfortable with my daughter finishing her orthodontic work at Sayre Orthodontics!" - Tricia A.

“I've been to two orthodontic offices since I started my treatment because of moving. I wish Sayre was my only! The staff is beyond friendly, and they are nice enough to remember names, interests, and more to keep you interested. They make every appointment enjoyable, and nothing has ever hurt or poked me after any appointment. I would recommend Sayre Orthodontics to any of my friends! If I had to have braces my whole life, I would choose Dr. Sayre. :)” - Sarah D.