“I love Sayre Orthodontics! Everyone is really friendly and helpful!”

“Sayre Orthodontics is great! Everyone knows what they’re doing and the atmosphere is really friendly! My teeth have come a long way since I started coming! Thank you!”

“Everyone at Sayre Orthodontics is awesome, especially Dr. Sayre!”

“I love going to the office. The staff is amazing!”

“We have experienced nothing but exceptional care with Sayre Orthodontics. My daughter is only 9 years old, and they have made her very comfortable with the experience of getting braces. They have been flexible and have explained everything very clearly.”

“Sayre Orthodontics has been great for me. The people there are kind and helpful. Nothing done there ever hurts very much at all, and my teeth have improved a lot since I started.”

“I've been to two orthodontic offices since I started my treatment because of moving. I wish Sayre was my only! The staff is beyond friendly, and they are nice enough to remember names, interests, and more to keep you interested. They make every appointment enjoyable, and nothing has ever hurt or poked me after any appointment. I would recommend Sayre Orthodontics to any of my friends! If I had to have braces my whole life, I would choose Dr. Sayre. :)”